Business Lens Analytic


The Business Lens analytic works in conjunction with Key Result Tags and Tag Groups/Clusters. This analytic offers valuable insights about how your organization's resources are aligned with strategic initiatives, the progress made, and the distribution of Key Results across leadership levels.

The tags and clusters serve as a lens to observe how teams throughout the organization are mobilized around key result themes and how this alignment corresponds to the anticipated outcomes across the entire organization. 

Please note that only users with access to the Governance module can create Key Result tags and clusters. If you need access to the Governance module, please contact WorkBoard Support.

Understanding Clusters and Tags

The Business Lens Analytic showcases Key Result themes through clusters and tags.

Cluster: A cluster is a collection of tags that share similarities, such as "Innovation" or "Demand Generation."

Tag: A tag is a customized label defined for a specific type of Key Result. 

Navigating the Business Lens Analytic

The Business Lens analytic is comprised of three key sections:

  1. Tag Group (Multi-select dropdown): This feature allows you to choose specific clusters or all clusters for which you wish to view detailed information on Results Risk and Concentration.
  2. Results Risk by Tag (Treemap): This section presents an analysis of overall progress categorized by tags. Tags are color-coded based on the average RAG (Red, Amber, Green) score of Key Results across all teams in the organization. 
    Screenshot 2023-10-13 at 11.00.12 AM.png
  3. Result Concentration by Leader: The pie chart visualizes the distribution of Key Results under each L2 Leader within the organization. The table provides the following details: 
    • Progress: The percentage of progress made on the Key Result.
    • Results: The name of the Key Result.
    • Owner: The user responsible for the Key Result.
    • Team: The name of the team to which the Key Result belongs.
    • Manager: The user who manages the team.
    • Leader: The name of the L2 Leader.
    • Tag: The name of the tag assigned to the Key Result.

Notes about Tags

  • Tags are created by users with access to the Governance module.
  • The Business Lens analytic offers Natural Language Processing (NLP) assistance for efficient tagging across the entire organization, even at scale.
  • Only tags for the current time period will be shown in the Business Lens analytic.

Frequently Asked Questions

When does the Business Lens analytic data refresh?

Data in the Business Lens analytic is refreshed daily between 8-9AM PT. Any created tags will populate in the analytic after it refreshes the next business day.

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