Co-Author OKRs with Generative AI (Beta)


WorkBoard Co-Author is currently in beta. If you are interested in being an early participant, please reach out to your CSM or send an email to

In today's rapidly evolving business landscape, teams are constantly seeking innovative approaches to drive growth and achieve strategic goals. By embracing Generative AI as a tool for OKR creation with Co-Author, teams can unlock unprecedented potential in their pursuit of strategic goals.

WorkBoard Co-Author can help to:

  • Accelerate time to draft high integrity OKRs to collaborate and discuss as a team
  • Draft aligned OKRs that contribute towards upline and leadership results
  • Set aspirational, measurable OKRs informed by your top priorities
  • Improve OKR quality with Outcome Mindset Method™ best practices

Let's dive in and discover how using Co-Author can revolutionize your approach to setting and achieving goals.

Co-Authoring Options in Canvas 

In Canvas, use Co-Author to help you:

  • Co-Author multiple drafts OKRs aligned to your up-line 
  • Input your teams top priorities to improve drafts 
  • Add or edit your aligned, personalized, draft OKRs
  • Up-level your OKR quality with Outcome Mindset Coaching Tips (Please note: Upline and Prior OKRs are pulled in based on your Team and TIme Period selection. If no Team or Time Period is selected OR your Team doesn't have any upline or prior quarter OKRs, they will not be populated.) 

Best Practices with using Co-Author

For teams just getting started with OKRs... 

  • Before your OKR session, it can be helpful to have the team add their thoughts about measurables to the Canvas.
  • During your OKR session, ask Co-Author for help suggesting results to help kickstart your OKR process. 

For teams that are familiar with OKRs...

  • Before your OKR session,  complete a retro where your team can reflect about shifts to incorporate in the next OKR period.
  • During your OKR session, ask Co-Author to refine the team's brainstorm notes to be more measurable, inspirational, or shorter Key Results.

Getting Started

You can create an OKR using Co-Author either by selecting the Create icon or by using the Canvas template.


To Co-Author an OKR via Create

  1. Select Create in the upper right-hand corner
  2. Select Objective
  3. Click Co-Author OKRs with AI

You'll then be routed to complete the remaining steps within Canvas.

To Co-Author an OKR via Canvas:

  1. Select the 9-square menu in the upper left-hand corner
  2. Click WoBo Canvas
  3. Select New Canvas and select Set OKRs from the left-side toolbar
  4. Choose Co-Author OKRs with AI 
  5. Use the dropdown to search and select the applicable team and time period 
    • Alternately, you can use the radio dial to Invite the selected team to canvas
  6. Click Get startedimage-3.png

How to use Co-Author

After creating a Canvas, you can use Co-Author to draft Objectives, Key Results, or both! Co-Author will automatically populate in those fields. 

To use Co-Author for an Objective: 

  • Click into an Objective field within your Canvas
  • Select the Co-Author icon that populates
  • You can opt to Draft an Objective or select I'm not sure yet, give me some ideas!
  • Once an Objective has been generated, you can choose whether to:
    • Use this Objective
    • Make it more inspiring
    • Make it more detailed
    • Make it shorter
    • Try again 
    • Discard
  • After selecting Use this Objective, you will have the option to Suggest Key Results for this Objective (only available in the Objective field).  8Km0Xnlc39HHQ8Un-Drafting-OKR-with-AI.gif

To use Co-Author for a Key Result:

  • Click into a Key Result field within your Canvas
  • Select the Co-Author icon that populates
  • You can opt to Draft a Key Result or select I'm not sure yet, give me some ideas!
  • Once an Key Result has been generated, you can choose whether to:
    • Make it more measurable
    • Make it more detailed
    • Make it shorter
  • Select Use this Key Result when you're done drafting

Publishing your OKRs

When you've finished drafting with Co-Author, you can quickly publish your OKRs to begin making updates. To publish your OKRs:

  • Select Publish OKRs in the upper right-hand corner of your Objectives and Key Results tray
  • Verify the Team, Time Period, and View Permissions
  • Click the dropdown arrow to review the Key Results and to confirm the Owner, Starting Value, Target Value, Measurement Type, and Update cadence
  • To further modify your OKRs, select Save & go back
  • When finished, select Publish OKRsd-9AcXnrqn1Cc1jp-Publish-with-AI.gif

Viewing your Published OKRs

After publishing your OKRs, you can quickly access the Objective details by selecting the icon to open in new tab. From the same toolbar, you can also:

  • Move the shell
  • Open in new tab
  • Hide Key Results
  • Copy to Draft
    • This copies the existing shell and opens edit mode for the copied shell.
  • Send to back
  • Bring to Front
  • Lock Position
  • Remove (Please note that this is permanent and can't be recovered.)
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