Getting Started with WoBo Canvas


WoBo Canvas is a dedicated space for your team to collaboratively set OKRs, and to brainstorm on how to achieve them. With WoBo Canvas, you can:

  • Collaboratively set your team’s first OKRs with clear guidance. Ready to start your team down the OKR journey? Canvas has guided templates that walk you through every step of the OKR setting process, including recommended conversation flows and guides on what makes a great OKR.

  • Review last quarter’s OKRs and launch into the next with Reflect & Reset. Perfect your quarter-end rhythm with Canvas's Reflect & Reset guided template. It has everything you need to celebrate victories, review observations, plan shifts, and give kudos, which helps your team use those insights to inform next quarter's OKRs.

  • Use Co-Author to help get started, or to help you turn great ideas into great OKRs. All the guided templates on Canvas feature Co-Author, the WorkBoard Gen-AI OKR coach. Use Co-Author to suggest a full set of OKRs as a starting-point for conversation or to help take your OKRs that last mile.

  • After you publish, use Canvas to brainstorm on how to achieve your OKRs!

    • Bring Objectives, Key Results, and Action Items into the Canvas. See where progress is being made, and where there are blockers.

    • Create Action Items from sticky notes. Capture dependencies that need attention or steps the team needs to take.

    • Include images. Add key context or personalization to your brainstorms.

Accessing Canvas

Any WorkBoard user can access WoBo Canvas from the 9-square menu in the upper left-hand corner of WorkBoard. From the Canvas landing page, you'll be able to access created and shared Canvases.






Creating a Canvas

You can create a new Canvas in multiple ways:

  • You can click +New Canvas in the upper right hand corner of the Canvas landing page.
  • You can create a Canvas from anywhere in WorkBoard via the Create menu in the navigation bar.
  • You can also create a Canvas by clicking this link.

Once you've created your Canvas, follow the steps below:

  • Select your preferred template from the options, or start from a blank canvas. 
    • The templates are structured conversation guides and have everything your team needs to set great OKRs.
  • If you select a template, select the applicable team and time period from the dropdown menus. 
    • For Personal OKRs, select the Personal OKR tab and select a time period from the dropdown
    • Optional: use the toggle to Invite the selected team to canvas
  • Click Get started.

Navigating Canvas

Once you're ready to get started in Canvas, you can use the toolbar on the left-side of the page to add items and move around the page using your mouse or keyboard.

The Toolbar allows you to easily add various items to your Canvas. Here's how each toolbar icon works:

  • Select tool: selects items within a Canvas.
  • Move tool: pans around a Canvas without disrupting items on the page.
    • There are many ways to toggle between the select and move tools. Check out the Keyboard Shortcuts below for more details.
  • Text: adds text to your Canvas. 
  • Sticky note: adds a sticky note to your Canvas. Check out this article to learn more about sticky notes!
  • Image: uploads an image to your Canvas.
  • Template: adds a template to your Canvas to set your OKRs or conduct a retro with your team. If you're using a guided experience with WorkBoard Co-Author, use this article to help you get started!
  • WorkBoard Tool: adds objects from WorkBoard, including Objectives, Key Results, and Action Items for easy reference.

Canvas also supports using keyboard shortcuts to make it easy to move around and view the page. 

  • There are several ways to move around Canvas:
    • Use the keyboard arrow keys ⬆️⬇️⬅️➡️ while no objects are selected to move.
    • Hold the space bar while you click and drag to automatically change to the move ✋tool.
    • If you're using a mouse, right-click and drag to move.
    • If you're using a trackpad, use a 2-finger swipe gesture.
  • It's easy to zoom in and out on Canvas: 
    • Use the +/- buttons in the lower right corner of your Canvas
    • If you're using a keyboard:
      • PC: Ctrl  +/-
      • Mac: Cmd +/-
    • If you're using a mouse with a scrollwheel,
      • PC: Ctrl + scrollwheel
      • Mac: Cmd + scrollwheel
    • If you're using a trackpad, pinch in and out to zoom.

Archiving and Deleting a Canvas

Canvases can be deleted or archived from the landing page or within the Canvas itself. Only Admins can delete or archive a canvas. 

From the landing page, click the kebab menu (3 dots) in the upper right-hand corner of a Canvas to populate the available actions. Select either Delete Canvas or Archive Canvas

It's recommended to archive historical Canvases to retain your information. Archived Canvases aren't immediately visible in the main landing page, but can be viewed by applying the Archived filter at the top of the page.

Please note that deleting a Canvas is a permanent action.

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