Coming Soon: Brainstorm and Run Team Retros in Canvases (Beta)


WorkBoard Canvases provide a digital whiteboard experience where you can easily bring data into the discussion, collaborate more intelligently & intentionally and, and turn decisions into actions.

Brainstorm and retros (beta) capabilities help teams collaborate more seamlessly as they brainstorm, reflect, problem-solve, and ideate on how to make significant progress on their OKRs during the quarter. Now teams can:

  • Use structured retro templates to run team retrospectives
  • Bring data such as objectives, planned and actual results, and actions onto a Canvas and into the flow of team discussions
  • Convert ideas on stickies into action items that are transparent and trackable (so nothing is lost in yet another file)

These additions complement the existing guided experience WorkBoard canvases offer today to help teams define, align, and set their OKRs. 

Give Canvases a try for these meetings & discussions:

  • Run a mid quarter or bi-weekly team retro on specific Key Results with the intention of gathering unique points of information
  • Brainstorm on the plan of action for specific Key Results or Objectives
  • Deliberate on blockers and solutions to progress specific outcomes during the quarter 
  • Ideate and quickly crowdsource input from teammates or cross-functional groups asynchronously or live 
  • Run a project meeting and capture ideas and follow-up action items

Getting Started

Once enrolled in the Brainstorming & Running Retros Beta, to access the canvases:

  1. Click the 9-dot menu in the upper left-hand side of the page and select WoBo Canvas
  2. Select Brainstorming & retros from the left navigation then click + NewCanvas button on the upper right hand
  3. Name your canvas, define the layout for the discussion:
    • You can decide to bring in the retrospective template, or build your own flow
    • Bring in objectives, key results and action items as context for your discussions
  4.  Invite your teammates (must also be part of the beta) and get started!
  5. Have everyone add their ideas as sticky notes, and don’t forget to convert follow-ups that come up in the discussion to an action item!

Tips for Using the Canvas

  1. Moving things around vs. moving around yourself: the arrow helps you move objects around the canvas; use the hand tool if you want to pan yourself across the canvas.
  2. Get acquainted with the toolbar for each object - they have a lot of power tools and paths etc. duplicating stickies, expanding OKRs and converting sticky notes to action items.
  3. Lock object positions in place like templates, sticky notes, and text headers for an all around smoother experience as you collaborate on the canvas.

Beta Program

Reach out to your CSM to join the beta program waitlist.

Share your feedback and connect directly with our product team at


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