Team Details

The Teams page is a quick dashboard view of your team's workstreams. Easily see status, health, priority and number of at-risk items all in one place. In the left pane, you'll find a link to each team's detail page.


Timeline View

Use the Timeline view to visualize your team's projects over time. Team workstreams are displayed in a Gantt chart showing a schedule of the team's scheduled work. Workstream names are listed on the left side of the chart, and can be sorted by name, priority and start or end date. Adjust the timeframe of the chart to days, weeks, or months, whichever best fits your project horizons.

The length of each bar on the Gantt chart is determined by the start and end dates you've set on each workstream -- the total number of days you've planned for the project is shown at the start of the bar. Projects with no start or end dates will show as a grey bar.

Quickly change the start and end dates of the workstream by dragging and dropping the endpoints on the Gantt chart, or drag the entire bar to move the workstream's entire timespan forward or back.


The color of each bar on the Gantt chart indicates the current health of the workstream. To change the health rating, click on the name of the workstream to open the detail view. Here you can also change the priority and pace ratings, or add or edit the project narrative.


Narrative View

The narrative view will give you a neat and tidy dashboard of workstream status. Each workstream is listed with current progress, description and lead. Easily see an overview of how many red, late and doing items each workstream has, and view or update the pace, health, priority and start and end dates. Sort the workstreams by name, priority or date to focus on what's important to you and the team.


Custom Attributes

Custom attributes allow you to set your own standard input fields to track information on each workstream in the team. For instance, if your customer success team is using workstreams to track customer relationships, you can use custom fields to add information about each customer, such as products or services purchased, sponsor contact info, or business need. To set custom attributes, click the kebab menu on the Team details page and select "Set custom attributes."


Once custom attributes are set, enter information on each workstream's Board view by clicking the kebab menu in the upper right and selecting "Workstream Attributes". On the popup, click the "Custom Attributes" tab.


Team Work, Objectives and Roster

Using the tabs at the top of the Team Details page, you can also access a list of all of a team's Action Items, any Objectives tied to the team's workstreams, Weekly Snapshots showing the team's progress over time, and the Team Members roster where team managers, co-managers and admins can view and edit the team's members and their roles.

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