Roll up objectives


Key results can take one or multiple Objectives as their source. This is useful if you want to create a high-level objective that draw their progress directly from other objectives. 

For example, a VP of Sales might create a roll-up objective called Global Q1 Sales, which is sourced from objectives owned by regional sales directors (such as Blow out EMEA Sales Numbers in Q1! and Q1 Sales - NA). The VP of Sales can quickly see the progress of each region from a single objective, and click into each region for more information or to address risks.

Steps to Create a an Objective Roll Up Key Result 

  1. Edit your OKR by hovering over it, clicking the Kebab and then selecting Edit Settings.
  2. Select Add another Key Result
  3. Select Advanced Options
    • If you enter a name and hit the enter key immediately, you can access KR options by selecting More Options and then Change Data Source Type.
  4. Under Other key results or objectives select Roll-up key results or objectives.
  5. Choose Roll-Up Objectives.
  6. Search for OKRs that you'd like to aggregate for your Key Result. You can select as many as you'd like.
  7. Choose the Progress percentage you'd like to achieve across the OKR(s) you selected.
  8. Select Save.



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