Update Key Results from Google Spreadsheets


To update Key Results (KRs) in WorkBoard directly from a Google spreadsheet, link cells in your worksheet to your KRs. As you make changes in the spreadsheet, your KRs in WorkBoard are updated automatically.

Update Key Results from Google Spreadsheets

  1. Create your Objective and Key Result if you don’t already have one
  2. Click your Profile Photo
  3. Click My Settings
  4. Select Custom Integrations
  5. Choose Google Spreadsheet
  6. Select the metric you'd like to update from the spreadsheet
  7. Copy the code snippet that's generated, and take note of the metric ID. mceclip1.png
  8. Create a Google Spreadsheet
  9. Go to your Google Spreadsheet and right-click the cell you want to use as your data source
  10. Select Define named range
  11. Change the default value to "WoBo_Metric_####" (the value from step 3)
  12. Select Done
    Note: This will allow you to add rows or columns to your spreadsheet without disrupting the flow of data into WorkBoard.mceclip2.pngNote: Any changes to cell values by sorting data will break the cell relationship. It’s best not to sort the data in your spreadsheet.
  13. Click on Extensions on your Google Spreadsheet
  14. Select Apps Scriptmceclip3.png
  15. Paste the block of code you copied in Step 3 into the script editor
  16. Select Savemceclip4.png
  17. On the same script editor window, select the clock on the Apps Script bar
  18. Select Triggersmceclip5.png
  19. Select create a new triggermceclip6.png
  20. Select your settings the trigger uses to execute on selection change. mceclip7.pngSetup complete! Now whenever there’s an update to the cell with the range named "WoBo_Metric_{metric_id}," your changes will be reflected automatically in Workboard in real time.

If you have questions about creating a Google spreadsheet integration, contact your CSM.

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