Publish a report of your OKRs


Whether you are looking to run a report on your mid-quarter or quarter-end OKR progress, or simply looking to share a report with your boss or the team in preparation of a team meeting or 1on1, you can easily publish an executive ready OKR report and print or share it via email or Slack within seconds!

  1. Click the Objectives icon in the top navigation menu to get to the My OKRs page
  2. Click the Export Button (line with arrow) next to the favorite pushpin.
  3. 2021-02-19_08-32-21.png
  4. Select the amount of detail you want to include in the report -- KRs, a workstream summary, aligned objectives, and comments.
  5. 2021-02-19_08-32-34.png
  6. Select Preview
  7. Click the icons in theupper right of the Preview screen to publish to Slack, Microsoft Word or Excel, email or print.
  8. 2021-02-19_08-33-47.png

If you are looking to build an OKR report that includes OKRs from multiple teams across the organization, or report on just a few specific OKRs, you can find more information about publishing custom reports here.

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