Publish organization OKRs


Publish a selection of OKRs from across the organization to Slack, Microsoft Word or Excel, email or print from the Heatmap. This is great for Team meetings and monthly or quarterly business reviews. You can also print or publish a report of just your OKRs from the My OKRs page as well.

Note: Only OKRs that are visible to you will appear in your search.


  1. Click the Objectives icon in the top navigation,
  2. Select the Heatmap in the side pane
  3. Click the Export button (line with up arrowmceclip2.png) at the upper right of the page.
  4. Choose the details you'd like to include in your report.
    • This can include Key Results, Workstream Summary, One-Level alignment, Nested Key Results, and Comments.
    • Based off of that, choose which OKRs you'd like to Export by the Team, person, category, or name of the OKR.
      • Note:In the screenshot below, the People Category has been chosen only. This will pull all OKRs with the Innovate category.
  5. 2021-02-19_09-08-56.png
  6. Click to include Open Objectives, Closed Objectives, or both.
  7. Select Preview
  8. Click the icons in the upper right of the Preview screen to print, email or Publish to Slack (if integrated), Microsoft Word or Excel, 2021-02-19_09-08-21.png
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