November 2017 Community Call

In this Community Call, we share exciting features coming in our November release, later in 2017, and beyond! A few highlights:

  • Create a team, product or market segment dashboard in one minute and share with your group! Crowdsource dashboard contents, too: other people can link their KPIs, key results, and project status to the shared business review.
  • If your team works in Jira, GitHub, or Asana, automatically pull project status into Workboard to provide greater team transparency, surface progress on RBR dashboards, and update key results. One central location to align the plan of action to your results!
  • More ways to compare, analyze and share your key result data -- display two or more key results simultaneously on a graph and much more.
  • A refreshed user experience, coming in Q1 2018!

Watch the replay to get all the details. You can also download the slides.

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