Plan a Meeting from Slack or Microsoft Teams


If you've enabled Slack integration or Microsoft Teams integration on your account, our chatbot (nicknamed "WoBot") can help you schedule and reschedule meetings, invite attendees, build agendas, and more, right from chat.

Sync Meetings From Your Work Calendar

If you've enabled Workboard integration to your Google or Outlook calendar, WoBot can grab a list your upcoming meetings and add them to Workboard. Here you can quickly build smart agendas and track takeaways and follow-up action items.

Ask WoBot to "Show my Google/Outlook/Office365 Calendar" for meetings you've got scheduled today and tomorrow. You can also specify a time frame, such as "Show my Outlook calendar for this week." To add an existing meeting to Workboard, click the "Sync in WoBo" button.

See Upcoming Workboard Meetings

Ask WoBot to "Get my meetings" for a list of the meetings you've currently got scheduled in Workboard. For a more specific list, add a time frame, meeting status, the name of an attendee, or specify team meetings or 1on1s:

Get my meetings for tomorrow
Get my 1on1 meeting with Jane
Get my meetings with John, Rafa, Amanda
Get my team meetings for next week
Get my closed meetings
Get my open meetings from last week

WoBot can help you prepare an agenda for an upcoming meeting, or grab a list of topics that have already been added. If you asked attendees to submit their own topics when creating a meeting, WoBot can also ping them a reminder and walk them through adding their own items for discussion.

Schedule a Meeting

WoBot can quickly schedule a new Workboard meeting for you. You can specify the date and time for the meeting, as well as the names of attendees who should be invited:

Create meeting for tomorrow with Rafa, John at 2:00 pm
Create meeting for tomorrow
Create meeting for Nov 2nd at 5:00 pm
Create meeting with Rafa
Schedule a meeting with John at 5:00 pm today
Set up a meeting with John for 10:00 am
Create 1on1 meeting with Sam

If you say "Create a meeting," WoBot will walk you through setting a meeting time and inviting your team members.

Plan a Meeting

  • Add topics to a meeting by clicking the "Prepare Agenda" button.
  • Add a Word document, slide deck, or other file to the meeting agenda by dragging it to the chat window -- WoBot will include it as a topic in the new meeting.
  • Add new attendees to an existing meeting by saying "Invite [Person name] to the meeting." WoBot will notify any team members you invite to the meeting through their own chat channels.
  • WoBot can also help you reschedule or rename your meeting, or make it recurring. Just tell WoBot to:

Change name to [new meeting name]
Reschedule this meeting to [new day and time]
Remind about this tomorrow



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