View Team Work Progress from Slack

If you've enabled Slack integration on your account, then our Slack Chatbot (nicknamed "WoBot") can help you view and update status on your team's workstreams right from Slack.

Get Status on Your Projects

Get a quick status update on your workstreams — just ask WoBot to "Get my workstreams." WoBot will give you a summary of current workstream progress, health and pace, and can also grab lists of red flagged or late actions and help you update them directly from Slack.


Is one of your projects at risk, or has it started moving faster? WoBot can help you update the team by adjusting the workstream's health or pace ratings. If you want to keep a closer eye on this project, WoBot can even add it to your Running Business Review.

View Your Workstream Progress

Want to check your status on a specific workstream? Just ask WoBot "How am I doing on [Workstream Name]?" — WoBot will give you a quick summary of overall workstream progress and health, and then will grab a list of your action items in that workstream. You can update your status, reassign actions, or add comments or subactions.


Check a Team Member's Progress

WoBot can also show you how your manager or direct reports are progressing on their projects. Just ask "How is [name] doing on his/her workstreams?" and WoBot will grab the stats, overdue and red flagged actions for their active projects.


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