Add OKR Objective Categories


Use categories to group related objectives from across the organization to filter to a specific subset relevant to your business needs such as customers, strategic initiatives, verticals, product offerings and more. Easily filter and search for these tagged objectives in the heatmap.

Categories must be defined at an organizational level by a user with the Governance* role before they can be added to team or individual objectives.

*Reach our to WorkBoard Support or your CSM if you need this access.

Add Categories to an OKR

  1. Create or edit a team or personal Objective
  2. Click Category in the left column of the OKR wizard 
  3. Search for and select desired categories

View OKRs by Categories

  1. Navigate to Objectives
  2. Select Heatmap in the left hand side pane
  3. Use the filters above the heatmap to select the category you’d like to view from the drop down
  4. Click Show to filter your view to only show objectives that belong to a specific category


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