Managing OKR Progress with Slack


If you've enabled either the Slack integration on your account, you can use our Slack chatbot (Wobot) to view and update status on your team's objectives and key results. Ask Wobot for your OKRs, or those belonging to your teams, to get a quick view of progress. You can update key results, add them to your watchlist, and ping team members for their input.

View Progress on Objectives

For a quick summary of progress on your objectives, ask Wobot "What are my objectives?" Wobot will ask if you also want to include key result details.


You can also check on objectives belonging to your direct reports, or teams you belong to. Just ask Wobot "Can I see objectives from [team name]" or "How is [Person name] doing on objectives?"

Update Key Result Progress

To update your results, first ask Wobot to get you your list by saying "Can I see my results?" or "Can I update my KRs?" Then click the "Update KR" next to the key result you'd like to update. Wobot will talk you through updating your key result value and adding an optional narrative.


By adding a comment to your update, you'll create a running narrative that you can refer to later. Wobot will grab that narrative for you at any time; just ask to see your KRs and click the KR history button.

Key Results Comments

  • If you leave a comment in Key Results and @mention a user, they'll receive that comment in Slack as a DM.
  • If you @mention a team by team name, every team member gets a chat on Slack. 
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