Workload and Bandwidth

Use the Workload and Bandwidth tool to understand your team's capacity, so you can maximize impact and prioritize the work that matters most.

Quickly visualize your team members' current workload, and how it is distributed over time by workstream and priority, so you can make informed decisions when planning new projects or optimizing workload and distributing tasks for current projects across team members.

To access the tool, click Teams in the top menu and select Workload and Bandwidth in the left pane.


To start planning for allocating resources to a new project, pick a time span (Period) you’d like to focus on, and adjust the Timescale to days, weeks, or months — whatever best fits your project horizons.


Each bar on the graph represents an individual action item, and the color of each bar indicates the priority of that task. A number on the bar indicates that there are multiple action items overlapping in that time period -- in this case, the bar color reflects the highest-priority task. Click on the bars to see details about each action item. Click into individual action items to reprioritize them or push dates forward or back to increase capacity for a higher priority project.


Each team member's workload (measured in weeks) is shown next to their name at the left of the table. Click this indicator for a summary of how that member's time is currently allocated -- broken down by workstream, priority and status -- as well as their total available capacity for the time period you've selected.


Use filters to hide low priority work, or to focus on tasks related to specific workstreams or strategic objectives. As you change filters, each team member's workload and capacity will be recalculated to accurately reflect the new settings.


You can also filter by People to quickly compare the availability of a few team members to take on additional work. Click the Total Load link for a summary of workload across those team members, including a breakdown by priority and status.


For maximum accuracy, have your team members enter holidays and personal time off on their Preferences page. All workload and available capacity calculations will take this vacation time into account.

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