Private Requests

A private request is an action delegated to you that does not belong to a team Workstream. Only the person who delegated the action and the assignee can see these types of actions.

Use a private request for an action you want to share with a team member discreetly, or send private requests to anyone within your organization without needing to categorize it into a Workstream.

Screenshot_2023-02-07_at_9.26.12_AM.pngBy default actions you delegate are marked as private requests, until you select a Team Workstream.

If you try to assign an action to a team member who does not have access to the Workstream you have selected, the action will be labeled as a private request.

Private requests are added to your personal Workstream, but they are differentiated with a lock icon so they can be distinguished from actions that a user has assigned to themself.

To allow other users to see your private request, you can add them to the loop, or make the action visible by moving it to a Team Workstream.

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