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The WorkBoard integration for Microsoft (MS) Teams nudges users on what needs their attention, notifies them of updates and allows them to stay focused on goals and strategic priorities without leaving MS teams.

The Mass Enablement feature for MS Teams allows a Teams admin to install and enable the WorkBoard application at scale for an entire organization or specific provisioned WorkBoard users, so each user doesn’t have to activate the integration individually. 

These instructions give you a step by step on a WorkBoard Admin can enable the MS Teams WorkBoard integration.

Requirements Checklist

Mass enablement for MS Teams only takes a few clicks to initiate. Once started, the process runs in the background until completion. 

The user who initiates the MS Teams Mass Enablement must have the following scope of permissions:

  • Have WorkBoard Org Admin permission
  • Have WorkBoard It Admin permission
  • Be an MS Teams Admin

The email addresses that are associated with users in MS Teams must match the provisioned WorkBoard email addresses. This process maps users from MS Teams to WorkBoard using email addresses. 

Enable MS Teams for Entire Organization 

  1. Navigate to the Admin Tools section of WorkBoard from the 9-square waffle-menu in the top left of the navigation bar
    Note: Only users with admin permissions will see the option.
  2. Select MS Teams Org Enable from the left-side menu
  3. Choose to Enable Entire Organization or Enable Specific Users from the dropdown.
    • If you're enabling MS Teams for specific users, enter their comma-separated email addresses in the dialogue box.
  4. Select Enable Microsoft Teams
  5.  A pop-up message will confirm that you are enabling MS Teams for specific users or the entire organization. Click Continue.
  6. Complete the authentication steps between WorkBoard and Microsoft Teams from your MS Teams admin account

This process happens in the background and should not disturb usage during its provisioning. Once completed, all selected users will be automatically enabled for MS Teams. 

After the installation has completed, a banner will appear on the ‘MS Teams Org Enable’ page with the list time and date of enablement for records.

The Technical Process of Mass Enablement

Once this integration has been confirmed, the system will request the Admin token. This token will allow an API call to compare the emails in WorkBoard to the UPM of users in MS Teams. Once these emails have been confirmed and matched, the app will be installed for applicable users.

We only store the Admin token for the use of adding new users. If an Admin is removed from the organization, current users will not be affected but new users cannot be added until a new Admin token is authorized.

After Mass MS Teams Enablement

What Users Experience

Once the enablement is finished, you'll receive the following chat notification in MS Teams from WB-App-Bot:

“Congratulations! You have connected your WorkBoard account to your Microsoft Teams account. Please let me know if I can help you with any of the following:

  • “Show my Objectives”
  • “Show my Team Objective”
  • “How is [Team name] Team doing?”
  • “Update my Key Results”
  • “Login”
  • “Logout”
  • “Help”

You can view your OKRs by clicking on the bot or searching for the app via the kebab menu (3 dots). You can also pin the bot if desired.

Now that you have this installed, any @ mentions used in WorkBoard will now ping you via chat in MS Teams with new notifications in real time! You can do this with one person or multiple including yourself for reminders.

Best Practices in MS Teams

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