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WorkBoard Biz Reviews bring Objectives, Key Results, charts, narratives, and images together in one place to reduce manual data gathering for MBRs and QBRs. They also help elevate discussion and focus on OKRs and current status against plan.

Use Scorecards from key results when you just need to share the numbers. Create the typical one-slide-view of the business without recreating the wheel, copying data or getting out of sync with the truth. 

With Scorecards: 

  • Use the easy builder experience to select which Key Result attributes to pull in and elevate 
  • Annotate results with exec summaries; use conversation from key result to inform the write up
  • Adjust layout and presentation format to align with your brand
  • Build once and reuse, while live and up-to-date data automatically pulls through
  • Share and present scorecards as part of your MBRs and QBRs

Getting Started

If Scorecards Beta has been turned on for your organization, you'll see the option to add Scorecards from the Biz Review landing page.


  • From the top menu, click on Meetings & Reviews
  • Select Biz Reviews, and then select scorecard from +New button on the upper right hand


  1. Name your scorecard
  2. Use the side-editor to build and edit your scorecard; you can expand and collapse the editor
  3. Search to pull in key results as rows; you can search by key result name, owner team name etc.Scorecards_screenshot_2.png
  4. Switch to columns on the side-editor to choose which fields to pull in
  5. Select additional attributes to pull in as columns(ex. last comment, owner etc.)
  6. Rename, reorder and format headers
  7. Add exec summary narrative and context side-by-side live result dataScorecards_Screenshot_1.png
  8. Use advanced settings to adjust font size and background colors
  9. Favorite, share, and present your scorecard; add it to an MBR or QBR collection from the kebob menu

Embed Scorecards in Biz Reviews

  1. Open Scorecard
  2. Click Kebab
  3. Click Copy Embed URL action
  4. Open Biz Review
  5. Add Iframe Tray
  6. Paste Scorecard Embed URL

We recommend the following settings for your scorecard when embedding them into Biz Reviews:

  • Keep the width and aspect ratio as is, change font to 12px
  • Keep font and ratio as is, change to 1700px



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