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WorkBoard Biz Reviews bring Objectives, Key Results, charts, narratives, and images together in one place to reduce manual data gathering for MBRs and QBRs and to elevate discussions to focus on OKRs and current status against plan.

Within a Biz Review, you can add a Scorecard to highlight progress from Key Results. Create a one-slide-view of progress without recreating the wheel, copying data, or getting out of sync with the truth. 

With Scorecards: 

  • Use the easy builder experience to select which Key Result attributes to pull in and elevate 
  • Annotate results with exec summaries; use conversation from key result to inform the write-up
  • Adjust layout and presentation format to align with your brand
  • Build once and reuse, while live and up-to-date data automatically pulls through
  • Share and present scorecards as part of your MBRs and QBRs

Watch this 3-minute video for pro tips, or take the 10-minute Scorecards course on WorkBoard Learn.

Getting Started

A Scorecard can be created in two ways -- from the Scorecard landing or by selecting Create > Scorecard. 


To create a Scorecard from the landing page:

  • Navigate to Meetings & Reviews from the top of any page
  • Select Scorecards then +New dropdown in the upper right-hand corner
  • Choose Scorecard from the dropdown


Screenshot 2023-08-09 at 4.26.33 PM.png

  1. Scorecard name: click and type the Scorecard field to name it. 
  2. Quick actions:
    • : refresh the data for most updated information.
    • Screenshot_2023-04-04_at_3.02.05_PM.png: add the Scorecard to your favorites.
    • : share the Scorecard with individuals, teams, or make it globally visible.
  3. Edit Pane: click the pencil to open the edit pane or select the arrow to collapse it. From the edit pane, you can add Key Results, attributes, or adjust the overall appearance of your Scorecard.
  4. Settings: click the gear icon to access the customizable settings.
  5. Add Key Results: search and select Key Results to add to your Scorecard.
  6. Edit columns: select which attributes you'd like shown by clicking the Columns tab.
  7. Change your view of your Scorecard by selecting an option from the lower-left hand corner:
    • : slide view
    • : table view
    • : fit to window, or click to select a zoom preference (25%, 50%, 100%, 200%, 400%)
    • : move dial left or right to create a custom zoom preference
  8. Kebab menu: use this menu set the Scorecard as your start page, add it to a Collection, duplicate, copy, archive, embed, archive or delete it.

Building your Scorecard

After creating your Scorecard, you can modify it by adding Key Results (rows) and Attributes (columns). The columns in a Scorecard are the attributes associated with your Key Results. You can add as many attributes as you'd like, including RAG rating confidence rating, last comment, and more!

To add Key Results:

  1. Click the pencil in the upper right-hand corner to open the edit panel.
  2. Select the Rows tab, then search for Key Results by Objective or KR Name, team, or owner.
  3. Click the + icon to add the Key Result to your Scorecard. The checkbox indicates it was added successfully.
    • To remove the Key Result, click the checkbox again.

You can also add a free text row by selecting at the bottom of the rows panel.

By default, the following attribute columns will also be populated- Objective name, Key Result name, actual value, target value, and a blank text field.


To add Column Attributes:

  1. Within edit mode, select the Columns tab.
  2. Click +Add Column to add Key Result attributes.
  3. Click the 6 dot menu on the left-hand side of a Key Result to drag and reorder.
  4. Double-click any column name to change the header text.
  5. To modify or remove a column attribute, select the kebab menu to the right of the attribute. Certain attributes will allow you to change the display color or other options.
    • Some column attributes will have a dropdown menu, simply click the dropdown to further refine the data (e.g. Actual will have a dropdown for Current Value and As Of).
  6. To remove a column, hover over the column name and click the trashcan icon.


Column Attributes Defined

Field Name Definition Example Value(s)
Key Result | Actual Actual Value of the Key Result 25%
Key Result | Confidence Flag Current Confidence Flag rating for the Key Result Medium
Key Result | Confidence Narrative Current Confidence Narrative comment for the Key Result "We believe that we'll achieve the target by end of the quarter"
Key Result | Data Source Source of the Key Result's progress Jane Smith, Jira, Salesforce, Workstream
Key Result | End Date End date of the Key Result time period 30-Jun-24
Key Result | Initial Value Starting value of the Key Result 0%
Key Result | KR Name Name of the Key Result "Increase NPS score from +30 to +45"
Key Result | Last Comment Most recent user-supplied comment, from one of the following comment sources: Key Result Update Narrative, Confidence Narrative & Comments on the Key Result "We accelerated this week and increased the number of customer interviews to 5"
Key Result | Last Comment Date Date of the most recent user-supplied comment 30-Mar-24
Key Result | Last Update Date Date of the most recent Key Result update 15-Mar-24
Key Result | Owner Owner of the Key Result Jane Smith
Key Result | RAG Rating Latest RAG Rating assessed by WorkBoard for the Key Result Red, Amber, Green
Key Result | Relationships Show the Objects related to each Key Result  Examples:
- Key Results
- Actions, Risks & Assumptions
- External Content (Links, Jira queries, etc)
Key Result | Start Date Start date of the Key Result time period 1-Jan-24
Key Result | Target User-provided target for the Key Result 100%
Key Result | Team WorkBoard Team responsible for the Key Result Marketing
Key Result | Trend Chart A sparkline-style chart of the Key Result's progress over time  
Key Result | Update Frequency User-defined update frequency for the Key Result Daily, Weekly, Monthly, Quarterly
Objective |  % complete % Completion of the Objective associated with the Key Result 55%
Objective | Assignee Assignee of the Objective associated with the Key Result Jane Smith
Objective | Name Name of the Objective associated with the Key Result "Delight our customers with world class support"
Text Field A free text field where each cell can be filled in by the Scorecard users "Meeting Notes: follow-up with Jane about the progress of this Key Result"
Custom Field A field to pull in any custom fields that have been created. Each custom field will show the suffix: (custom). "Key Result | Threshold hit (custom)"

To add a narrative to your Column Attribute:

Annotate the results on your Scorecard so everyone has the narrative and context right next to the data. This provides the team with qualitative information to support the quantitative progress.

To add a narrative:

  • Click into your Scorecard's text field
  • Input your text directly onto the Scorecard
  • Alternately, push the narrative as a Key Result comment by clicking the following icon:


Finished creating a Scorecard? Click here to learn how to customize it!

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