Custom Fields in OKRs


Every organization has unique reporting needs, or may want to capture information related to a process or subprocess tied to OKRs. Custom fields in OKRs allow you to:

  • Create more fine tuned reporting across the org.
  • Capture key information required to drive your operating rhythm.


You need the Governance role to create custom fields. This is geared towards program managers, results management leaders, and those who drive the process behind the program. 

Custom Fields are found in their own column when exporting to Excel. You can find out more about exporting to Excel in this article


You might use custom fields more specifically to:

  • Capture and report on risks related to your Objectives or Key Results
  • Create the option to select from dropdown list of regions or projects
  • Capture the impact or a specific plan related to these KRs
  • Capture information with your language and your intent that may not be represented with the default settings

Create Custom Fields

  1. Select the 9-square waffle menu from the top navigation bar and choose Governance from the dropdown
  2. Click Custom fields from the left-side menu
  3. Select the tab where you'd like to enter custom fields: Objectives, Key Results, or User profile
  4. Click Add your first custom field

  5. Enter fields such as Field name, Category, Field description, Tooltip description, and Field type 
  6. Check the box to specify whether or not the field should be required
  7. Determine the view permission for the custom fields between the following options:
    • Visible to everyone in the entire organization: this field will be visible to everyone in the organization when setting up an Objective, Key Result, or user profile.
    • Search by team or business group: this field will only be visible to users that are a part of the selected team or business.
  8. When finished, select Save to create your custom field.

Edit, Delete, or Archive Custom Fields

You can edit, delete, or archive custom fields at anytime.

Edit Custom Fields

  1. Click the pencil icon next to the custom field
  2. Edit fields as intended
  3. When finished, click Save

Delete Custom Fields

  1. Click the kebab menu (3 dots) next to the custom field you'd like to delete
  2. Select Delete

Archive Custom Fields

  1. Click the kebab menu (3 dots) next to the custom field you'd like to archive
  2. Select Archive
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