@Mention Notifications in Microsoft Teams


Quickly and easily keep up with requests for information and updates on critical initiatives with @mention notifications in MS Teams. Anytime you're mentioned in an Action Item, Objective, or Key Result, you'll receive a notification right in MS Teams.


In order to receive notifications of mentions in MS Teams, you need:

  1. To have the WorkBoard app installed
  2. Have accepted the permissions (or have the permissions accepted on your behalf by an MS Teams administrator)
  3. Have authenticated the connection between WorkBoard and MS Teams

Use Notifications for @Mentions in WorkBoard

The MS Teams app supports notifications for @Mentions in WorkBoard AIs, Objectives, and Key Results.

To send a notification: 

  1. Type the @<username> in the comments section of an AI, Objective, or Key Result

To receive a notification:

  1. If you're @mentioned in an AI, Objective, or Key Result, you'll receive a popup notification in MS Teams according to your MS Teams notification preferences
  2. The notification will be visible in the Chat section of the WorkBoard App. You'll see:
    1. A message saying that you were mentioned
    2. The place where the mention occurred
    3. The message
  3. Click the link in the message to directly access the item in WorkBoard.
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